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Project: Soy proteins

Soy protein extraction

As a young company in the organic sector, we focus on sustainability, innovation and development.

Soy is currently one of the most important raw materials for the vegetable protein supply of humans and animals. With the help of our subsidiary company, Agriprotein GmbH, we prepare soybean cake and soybean oil for the production of animal feed. In the organic sector there is no possibility to obtain the oil by extraction, only by pressing the beans. However, since extraction would lead to much better results, the need for more innovative solutions for the organic sector is becoming more and more evident.

For several years we, as a company, have been interested in different extraction processes. Our overall goal is to develop isolates and concentrates from organically grown soy. Currently, Vivaorganic is involved in a three-year research project. With the help of this project, it should be possible to produce feedstuffs with increased protein requirements and market them as organic feed.

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